A Major Supplier of Heat Pipes and Heatsinks

About DR Forge

Heat Sinks, Advance Thermal Solutions Supplier

     Drforge is a technology-leading custom industrial heatsink manufacturers of thermal management solutions for equipment heatsinks, multi-function electric heatsinks, power equipment heatsinks, communication base station heatsinks, etc.

     Our main products are heat pipes, heat sinks,  aluminum extrusions, copper or brass extrusions, heatsink extrusions, metal stampings, metal castings, metal mesh and other LED heat sinks, metal parts, Lighting, Computers and Data Processing Centers, Consumer Electronics and Power Electronics, Power, Semiconductors, Communications, Transportation, Aerospace and Avionics, Business Machines and Equipment, Injection Molding, Automotive, Renewable Energy and Energy Conversion, Medical and Test Equipment , food service industry.

A Major Supplier of Heat Pipes and Heatsinks

The Drforge plant is a major supplier of heat pipes and heatsinks in mainland China and has exported its products to Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia for about 12 years.


Global heat sinks market focuses on the World market, to divide the market based on manufacturers, regions, types and applications. 

We Work in 5 Simple Steps

Review & Quote

Many desktop publishing packages and web page.


Sample & Test

sometimes on purpose (injected humour and the like).


Pack & Deliver

We pack your extrusions as per your custom requirements, and load into the container for delivery.



Develop Mold

We develop a mold with high precision within as fast as 7 days according to the approved design.


Extrude & Finish

We extrude your aluminum profile according to the exact specifications and add finishes as required.

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